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Like in slot machines, the maximum coins it will permit. Layout means the structure if the game. Blind Bet A player who makes a bet without having a look at his or her cards especially in Poker. Sell points see also Buy points. Lay the Odds To wager on your favorite.

Punto Banco - A form of Baccarat. Burn Card - A single card dealt face down at the start of a shoe in most table games, or any time new community cards are revealed in a game of poker. It does not apply to games like poker and sports betting, where the probability and odds of various events are not strictly known.

The overhead costs of Odds Probability of winning. Odds format Different international conventions that have been developed to represent odds.

Glossary Learn the meaning of common betting terms Recent searches clear searches. Glossary of Gambling Terms Action - A bet or player's turn to go in a game of poker. Here is a quick glossary of video poker jargon that should help you become familiar with the game before you give it a try. Off the board A game on which the bookmaker will not accept bets. Cash Game - A poker game with fixed blinds and unlimited rebuys.

Sports betting is big business, both in legal sportsbooks and bookmaker websites and in private office or home pools. Low Poker A variation in poker where winner is proclaimed who has the lowest rank. In roulette, betting on a zero has very less chances of happening. Penetration is extremely important to card counters, the greater the penetration the greater the advantage.

Pit Manager He is the supervisor of all the table games. Pull tabs are most likely to be found in Indian casinos that do not allow normal slots or video poker games.

Roulette - A game played using a wheel with a ball that can fall into one of many numbered pockets. Older-style slot machines used mechanical or electronic reels, while modern slots use video displays to simulate the reels. Derivatives of standard betting markets.

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Handicap A numerical figure set by the bookmaker to counter the perceived bias in abilities of opponents - this provides more balanced odds. Rouletto Synonym of roulette in Ireland. Optimal Strategy - The set of plays that will lead to the player getting the best possible returns from a game. Lose all the money player bought while entering in the casino and have to quit.

Casino - An online site offering a suite of table games and slots to United States players. Gambling Wagering money on an event whose outcome is uncertain House edge This refers to the advantage that the casino has over the people who bet on their website or casino. House Gambling center often referred as synonym of casino.

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That include numbers or combination of numbers. The ratio of money a particular game takes in to total chip purchases. Stands for Random Number Generator.

Most often associated with blackjack, but also used in other games like baccarat. Insurance It is a bet which is offered by the dealer to the player in Blackjack when his face up card is an ace. Half time bet see also First half bet A bet on the result of the first half of a game only.

Longshot A selection with long odds very low probability suggesting it an unlikely to winner, casino for me mobile but offering a proportionately high return. The ultimate result will either be a net win equal to his original wager or a loss of his entire bankroll. Set Player set their card into two different hands of two and five in Pai Gow Poker. Number Pool Range of numbers in a game. Top pair Poker - A pair consisting of a player's hole card and the highest community card.

Jacks or Better Having a card of rank better than jacks. Short Run Less amount of money is put into action. Continuation bet Poker - Wager made after the flop by the initial raiser. Stake The amount of money a bettor risks on a specific bet.

Gambling Glossary A Guide to Gambling Terms

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Software used by online casinos to generate a random outcome in casino games. Here's a look at some of the most important terms you'll want to know when you step into the world of live or online gambling.

The bonus offered by the casinos demand players to play some hand or spins to qualify for bonus. Freezeout Poker - A poker game without a rebuy option. Bookie A person who permit bets. Pigeon An ignorant gambler.

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The arrangement done in casino where tables, slots are arranged and some area are confine to croupiers. This would be the number of ways you could order x items. Push Blackjack - A tie hand between the croupier and the player. La Partage - An insurance bet in French Roulette which allows players to win half their stake back if the single zero appears. In-play betting see also Live-betting.

Gambling Glossary A Guide to Gambling Terms