Dating martin mandolin, identifying martin guitars mandolins & ukuleles

But much of it can be attributed to marketing. Lowell Levinger Players Vintage Instruments. Its the stack of magazines over there by the window that you pick up and read over coffee. You can also find silver wire, these tortoise shell and invory inlays.

Great Vintage Mandolins Under 1 000

Identify Your Vintage Martin Caveat Emptor
How to Determine the Value of a Vintage Mandolin

This updated system utilizes an impressed eight digit numbering scheme that covers both serializing and dating functions. Currently, Martin no longer offers mandolins. Instead, Martin has become the king of flattop builders in many ways, while Gibson has ruled the archtop market.

Some makers are more popular than others and can affect the value, especially to collectors. Stradolins often have no business sounding as good as they do. Paddle peghead models will be in this price range. The good news is that they all have similar potential for sound and playability, as long as there is no structural detraction.

Identifying Martin Guitars Mandolins & Ukuleles

Not just affordable, they sound terrific and inspire me musically. It certainly has some value, you can check some of the auction sites or used instrument stores and see what they are asking for one like this. That's harder to get for under a grand without going to a Chinese product. And actually, it adds to the whole cafe experience.

Get it at an affordable price and that makes it even better. But again, if you find the right Stradolin, you might be surprised. Ever since, I've found that vintage instruments have an irresistible appeal to me. As with all mandolins in that price range, they usually need some setup or some repair.

But in the guitar world, many folks will say the wider grained red spruce sounds the best. All of the models were available in both a soprano and a concert size. Listening to recordings like Traversata by Beppe Gambetta and Carlo Aonzo even widens the perspective as it includes bowl back instruments. They chord easier and aren't as fatiguing.

It's best to go to a retailer who may have several in stock that you can try out. End Quote I'm having trouble making an ounce of sense out of your post Olaf- what are you saying? Another thing to check is how many frets from nut to body? Anyone that looks for something new better look out for something old.

Serial Numbers

They both have a great sound. The oval label were then changed to orange. This system is useful in helping to date and authenticate instruments. Unfortunately, site most of the established vintage instrument dealers don't carry very many playable instruments at this price.

What precautions do I need to take. See if information on the model comes up, such as year of manufacture, and see if there's any information on how valuable the instrument might be. And then there's good old reliable Harmony. Older Gibsons often need a few set-up tweaks here and there so it's a good idea to set aside some budget to have a luthier perform some work. Email TheUkuleleDude gmail.

  • While this is undocumented, F.
  • My very own experience was with an old Stella mandolin, and then a nice Martin flat top followed by a more traditional sounding A Gibson and then an A Gibson.
  • And educating myself on identifying the different styles and how to determine the time frame during which it was made.
  • Considering the collection of experts who have graciously contributed here, this is a must-read for every Cafe member!

Dating Martin Guitars by Serial Number

Considering that the vast majority of the Martins were one of these two Styles, differentiating is important. Neither of these mandolins have the Gibson logo inlaid on the peghead. Many vintage bowl back mandolins had a lot of pearl inlays.

The beginner, with three to five hundred dollars to spend can often get a very decent instrument. The value of the instrument is going to be dependent on the condition, the age, the type of wood and the size. Print or paint may wear away with time, so see if any faint impressions of letters or partial words remain. This place is being monitored by the mando mafia I guess.

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Numbers can be found stamped in ink on the inside of the instrument back wood or on the Gretsch label itself. Many of these vintage instruments are available at low prices on eBay and elsewhere. Another benefit of a vintage model is what you see is what you get. In they changed from rosewood to the plastic tortoise shell. Original tuners are a factor, particularly on the earlier models.

When was my Martin Guitar built

Most strikingly, both have very wide-grained spruce tops, probably red spruce. On f-hole instruments, it is visible through the upper f-hole. The following are the approximate serial number ranges. Too bad the bowlbacks got no love- there are still some beauties mixed in with the piles of wrecks on Ebay.

Newly built professionally photographed models have their appeal and place in the market. Sure, vintage instruments are often challenged in that fashion, but so are many newer models in this price range. It's well worth reminding people that you don't have to be rich to get a rich sound.

Most of these will be available on eBay, and less frequently on your local Craig's List. There are not many musical stores that carry mandolins. What I like is the fondness that many people feel for these old mandolins, which I share. But a quick look on Mandolin Cafe or Craig's list just before I write this, I find some older Gibson A style mandolins both with F holes and many with oval that will do fine. There are often vintage Gibson A models in this price range, although you may have to live with a few dings here and there, or some playing wear.

It's not my go-to mandolin for bluegrass. Being able to examine the new models by price and feature on multiple web sites has its advantages. They didn't skimp anywhere else!

Great Vintage Mandolins Under 1

Serial Numbers Used To Date Martin Guitars

It was, after all, the depression. Get Plucky With the Ukulele. Tom Isenhour Musician, collector, Monroe scholar. But single notes are very full and pretty. The mandolins that they have though sound pretty much the same to me.

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Martin Guitar Serial Numbers

Great article - lots of very useful suggestions and information, match the closing contribution from Roger Siminoff in particular. Identifying Antique Golden Age Banjos. Do you have the exact measurement of the small vs larger fret marker?

Internet forums are full of people seeking information about the most affordable instrument available to them. Mandolins of an unusual shape are more identifiable and often more valuable. Open your mind to the possibilities.

Identify Your Vintage Martin Caveat Emptor The Ukulele Dude

Bluegrass was the main driver of the increase in demand, and Bluegrass demands f-holes. These can be found with F holes and make excellent bluegrass mandolins. They can still sound great, but they will sound different than a carved top instrument of the same vintage and materials.

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  2. These usually allow the time frame to be narrowed down to about a five year window.
  3. It was a lot of fun to put together.
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