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Their porcelain was also sold as Meito China. Marks that includes this character are usually contemporary. The applicant was Arita Bussan Co.

Satsuma ware

Depending on the age of the piece and actual artist, the family name Chin Jukan also occurs. It is still active and was operating at least as early as the s. Link to Makuzo ware introduction video.

Satsuma ware

Japanese Satsuma Pottery

Antique Satsuma

From various examples of pottery. Awata ware porcelains and Kiyomizu wares are among the souvenirs of Kyoto. The largest city on Kyushu is Arita while the largest nearby port was called Imari. There were several artists working with Yasuda Kyoto Tokiji Goshigaisha.

Monzaemon expanded the market for Japanese Imari products at that time when Tokugawa opened other ports for export in Japan other than Nagasaki. Plate in Satsuma style but on porcelain, best guess, the s. Satsuma tea bowl, by Kozan. Collectors sought older, more refined pieces of what they erroneously referred to as early Satsuma. Mino pottery, made in Mino area in Gifu prefecture, Japan.


With the new Meiji government, the old feudal system was changed and many highly skilled potters found themselves out of work. Sugar bowl with celadon glaze and enamels. Two characters to the right - Nippon, Two central characters - Satsuma, Two left hand characters - yaki i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Dating satsuma pottery

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Ceramics bearing the Satsuma Kamon were made well outside of the borders of Kyushu. The decoration is of Kannon with two rakans on each side of her. Small family kiln in Arita. Unconfirmed identity but looks like Mount Fuji and a stream, similar to Fukagawa. Marks was also applied for different reasons that on the Chinese porcelain.

It occurs on German smoking accessories, air cleaners as in perfume burners, night lamps etc. The marks are more commercially oriented, more numerous and can vary even within a set of pieces. Same factory also used a mark with a crown inside a wreath. The Character Zan, San, or Yama. Tentative date second half of the s.

Shimazu family crest above cartouche. Jar, dating an introverted man blue and white decoration. The centre top and centre bottom characters are the vertical characters in No. Yokohama became a center for much of the new trade. This type of wares made heavy use of moriage or raised enamels.

Dating satsuma pottery
  1. Dai Nippon Satsuma Hododa.
  2. Meizan has pieces authenticated as being done in Kanazawa Kutani.
  3. The company seems to have began their business in Yokohama, Japan, already in for the purpose of manufacturing wares for export to the West.
  4. During this period, Japan moved from being an isolated society to one with more open trade, where this one of the earliest trade marks not imitating a Chinese Imperial Nian Hao reign mark.
  5. Awaji wares Awaji island monochromatic with a bright yellow or green glaze.
  6. Meiji period Kozan For Makuzu Kozan, se below.
  • The third character is a seal or the kakihan of the artist.
  • Generic Satsuma marks refer to marks added to a Japanese ceramic piece to indicate a style in general instead being the name of a specific company, studio or any individual artist.
  • Shimazu circular crest above inscription.
  • This Bizan is one of several workshops working for the export industry of the time.
  • The motive was money as it usually is and the confusion eventually dampened collector enthusiasm.

Contemporary, probably ss. Mark similar to those of Fukagawa. Arita Yamaki zo Click here to see large picture.

Often complex marks including Dai Nippon and name of individual potter. The resulting flood of fakes became well known to dealers and the more knowledgeable collectors. The left deserves a separate description.

Japanese Porcelain Marks

Eiwa Kinsei appears to be mostly an export ware dating from the s and later. Most likely dating to the s. Most likely dating to the s, or possibly the mid to late s. This is also when we say that the modern Japanese porcelain industry started. Japanese porcelain, probably Arita.

Toronto based Canadian company established in the s and still active. Worked for Seikozan and can be the actual source for many of their pieces. From imports to America were required to be marked with the country of origin, dating marriage websites in western characters.

Their technique and skills were the traditional but the products were commercial, except a few true artisans, such as for example the Makuzu company. Mark can occur on any wares they were reselling and trading in. They had no other connection with the far East.

In the s, collector ranks swelled and demand for marked Nippon pieces vastly exceeded the supply. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Pieces occurs that has both Kinkozan and Taizan markings where generally the Kinkozan mark is impressed in the piece itself and the Taizan mark is written. When possible I have compared the marks with documents, files and archaeological data and these references have been added here when possible. This set according to family history bought in the s in London.

To take just one example, the Noritake company which has been active for about one hundred years only, are thought to have used over different marks. According to family history this should be before and possibly as early as s. Nagoya is the commercial and industrial metropolis of Owari, and the greatest ceramic center in Japan so far as the amount of products counts. This is a company, rather than artist, name. Arita porcelain made by Aoki Brothers Company.

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Tentative date s or later. All the marks are off center, slightly to the right. According to family traditions this set was acquired as a gift in the early s.

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