Dating coleman quick lite lamp, coleman quick lite antique & vintage lanterns

The rarest part of this unit is the porcelain globe fitter with the tall antenna. Just keep up with the preheat as usual. This lamp comes with a common O shade, which is original. You may need to adjust it slightly up or down. This lamp came with a compressed air kit, which helps it ignite.

Less than of them were shipped, and many have been lost with time. The chimney was crafted of lighter-weight mica and the fount and top were still plated with nickel. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jerry s Coleman Collection -- Coleman Lamps

Glenn, is there a source of info on dating these? Coleman was never satisfied with the Air-O-Lite lamps because they didn't light quickly enough. The pages contained here are intended for the use of amateur collectors and people interested in Coleman collecting, restoration and repair as a hobby.

Rude behavior can be looked up when a complaint is made. Ah you don't need to drill and tap. It is undated, but is presumed to be from the early s. Its green base differentiates it from normal s, and it is equipped with a matching lid reflector acquired directly from a Coleman factory representative.

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  2. It is residual fuel that is starting.
  3. Not bad for a frankenlamp!

But I can't tell much more than that. Looking forward to seeing photos! Please think of the Coleman Collectors forum as a community of fellow collectors with like interests. These instant-lighting lamps have two mantles which produce candlepower in total and are outfitted with mica globes.

Coleman Quick Lite

The vases are pottery and contain a one-quart fuel tank. The fount has to be pressurised with a separate pump which I don't have. No, there are no numbers on the fount, what not to only text. Members in chat that choose to ignore the revised guidelines and continue to abuse the room privileges will find they have lost their access to the chat.

Dating a Coleman CQ

Coleman quick lite lantern
Coleman Quick Lite
Quick-Lite Table Lamp Identification - Coleman Collectors Forum

It has to be on firm enough so that there aren't leaks, but loosening it to refuel can be jarring to the mantles. They're indeed very rare in Belgium. Model Canada The lamp was made in both the U. This custom piece of art is a takeoff from a similar-looking lamp in the classic movie A Christmas Story.

Dating coleman quick lite lamp

Then when things calm down, dating agency cyrano ep 7 open it again. It appears to be an L or similar model. Problem here is we actually don't know which is which but I do know they are pretty rare beasts so don't clean that tank any more than you have to.

Coleman Quick Lite Antique & Vintage Lanterns

The L of Hiram Strong Coleman's L was first made in the late s, as this one was - its add-on pump is indicative of an early model. Anyway, since it is an external pump lamp are there any alternative ways of pumping it without a matching-era pump? If you encounter a problem with bad behavior, contact a moderator to address it. Most Coleman experts today estimate that only about of the Parlor lamp were shipped, due to the fact that very few in existence are known.

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It is roughly the same lantern, and but it shunned the wood handle as a fire hazard. There is a much bigger stamp underneath the font but it doesn't have a date. It measures about four feet tall and welcomes guests to the store on a daily basis. Just by looking at it I don't see any defining marks.

Coleman were sold in France from about onwards. You should be able to hear the pip in the check valve rattle. To pressurize the fount use a bike pump with a ball needle in it.

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  • It is a usable lamp even with its artistic nature.

This lamp also includes a shade not pictured. This lamp will need a preheat. This unit is fitted with a standard opal shade that is original for the lamp. There is only one seal that might need a fettle in the valve spindle but often all that needs is a slight tweak to tighten the gland. Given their rarity, despite our having three, these lanterns sell for a good deal of money today.

Dating coleman quick lite lamp

How to Date your Coleman& Lantern or Stove Old Town Coleman

Our mission is to provide information and support of the hobby of Coleman collecting. Be civil, no personal attacks will be tolerated. The chat room can be at times be a raucous area, please be advised. The pump is simple enough.

Coleman continued making these lamps until the Great Depression made it unfeasible to do so, and they never returned to the bracket lamp business once the economy improved. It is a Quick-Lite lantern that has two mantles and a mica chimney and used to be nickel-plated, but a newbie took initiative to strip it down to its brass base. This Quick-Lite sports a curved air tube with a support rod, and an angle valve hidden underneath the globe to control the amount of lighting. By that time they are all dated so if your lamp has a stamped base plate then there will be date numbers.

Jerry s Coleman Collection -- Coleman Lanterns I

Dating coleman quick lite lamp
Jerry s Coleman Collection -- Coleman Lamps

The result was the Model R, and its height allowed it to illuminate the pages of a reader's favorite Mark Twain novel. Please upload the file as a post attachment instead. As promised, a few photo's. It lit up easy, just like a dream.

Anyway, I do have some pictures here I will attach. Thus, the fount is a lower-grade steel, which would become normal for Coleman lanterns in the ensuing decades. The top of this two-mantle lantern was originally painted green. Password Forgot your password? This also uses Coleman's Instant-Lite technology, a match-lighting of atomized fuel.

Dating a Coleman CQ

Unscrew the rest of the filler cap and shake it. The biggest contributors to the nickel-plated brass lantern's excessive weight were its two-quart fuel capacity and enormous glass globe. Leave the political soap box off the forum, online dating in mumbai no flaming or inflammatory posting. That hadn't occurred to me.

Strong would most certainly approve that his lantern ended up in the hands of a diehard. The shade here is original and covers the Pyrex globe, and the fount has a built-in pump. Wim, Are their any numbers stamped on the bottom of the fount? It sports two chimneys and a mica globe. Plenty of them in Europe and I dare say like most folks I have a few lurking in the parts boxes.

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